Okinawa, Iriomote Island, Nara falls

Nara falls Kayak and Hiking

Because it is in depths of the island, locals call it “The phantom waterfall”.

Nara falls Kayak and Hiking
It takes about 2 hours each way. It may be a hard kayaking depending on the tide. But you will feel so accomplished.
Beautiful waterfall. The beautiful waterfalls that fall down the rock steps and the wide, deep waterfall basins are attractive.
We are using tandem kayak. Although this course departs from the sea, the tandem kayak is very secure and safe. Please participate in the tour with confidence.
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Advanced
  • Waterfall fun
  • Waterfall shower
  • Mangrove
  • Superb view
  • Over 20 yrs
  • From Ishigaki Is OK
15,000 yen (20 – 50 years)
Nara falls Kayak and Hiking
Nara falls Kayak and Hiking

Kayak tour starting from the end of the road!

This course starts from the end of the road “Shirahama Port”. From here onwards it is a jungle and there is no road, so you can not walk forward.
To meet Nara falls, you need about 2 hours of kayaking and 30 minutes of hiking.
In kayaking, we go up the river surrounded by mangroves and travel to the back of the island. When you get off the kayak and walk for about 30 minutes, you are hearing the sound of water from afar.

This course is the hardest of our tours, but you can enjoy a long distance kayak. And you will get much excitement and a great, lasting impression.

iriomote kayaks reservation

Photos  Japan Transocean Airline *Japanese only

Hiking Dive in to the waterfall basin Waterfall fun


Availability 4/1 – 4/26, 5/7 – 11/30
You can register individually, but tours will only take place when there are more than 2 participants.
Duration Approximately 8 hours
Start 8:00 am Finish 4:00 pm *The required time changes depending on the tide.
Costs 15,000 yen (20 – 50 years)
Included Okinawan food lunch *free
Equipment (shoes, backpack, waterproof bag, life vest, kayak)
Guide fee
You need Towel
A change of clothes *Please bring underwear too.
Drinking water *At least 1.5 liter during the hot season. You can also buy it at our shop.
Sunglasses *If you have one.
Glasses or contact lenses spares *If you are wearing glasses or contact lenses, bring spares during the tour.
Insect repellent spray *If you are not good at insects.
*If you bring a camera to the tour, please manage at your own risk.
Appropriate clothes Casual clothing is OK. Your clothes will get dirty and wet during the tour.
To protect from UV, insects and injury, we recommend long sleeves.
You can swim in the waterfall basin on hot days, so please wear swimsuit under your clothes beforehand.
It is cooler during the auturm on Iriomote Island, so a windbreaker is very useful.
Baggage and valuables We will take care of any large baggage you will not use during the tour.
Please be sure to put any valuables in free security locker.
Weather condition The tours will go ahead in conditions of light rain, which is frequent, and will only be cancelled in conditions of heavy rain.
Kazaguruma tours reserves the right to cancel or change the tour due to bad weather.

We recommend you stay at a hotel on Iriomote Island the night before, because these tours start earlier than the other tours.
This course is limited to 4 guests per guide for safety reasons.
There is no place to change your clothes during the tour.
We call you at the day before of tour. You can check the weather and tour schedule.

FAQ  To Customers

  • If you are coming from Ishigaki Island.
    Please buy a ferry ticket to Uehara port at Anei Kanko in Ishigaki port. The ferry to Uehara port leaves at 6:50 am.
    Our staff will pick you up around 7:50 am. They will have a billboard of our shop.
    *Please go to the restrooms in advance. And please waiting at the entrance of building.
  • If the ferry to Uehara Port is canceled.
    This course will be canceled.
  • When going to Ishigaki Island after the tour finished.
    Please board the ferry departing Uehara port at 5:15 pm. You will arrive at the Ishigaki port around 6:15 pm. But if the tour is delayed, board the Uehara port 6:20 pm departure bound for Ishigaki port and arrive at Ishigaki port at around 7:20 pm.
  • If you are staying at Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel.
    Our staff will pick you up 8:00 am. Please waiting at the lobby.
  • Accommodations within 5km radius from Uehara port.
    Our staff will pick you up 7:50 am – 8:00 am. Please waiting at the lobby.
  • Accommodation that cannot be picked up.
    La Teada Iriomote Resort, Guest House SHIMAJIKAN, Namisou, Takemori-inn, ECO VILLAGE, Jungle Hotel Painumaya, Irunty Futademura, PAINUKAJI, Iriomote Island Hotel, Uminchunoie, etc.
  • For rent-a-car
    Please come to the our base by 8:15 am.

We will pick you up at the port or accommodation at the time we had promised.
Then go to the base, we will orientation meeting before starting the tour.

When all preparations are completed, it is time to start!

We will go to the Shirahama port by car. This place is the starting point of the tour.

After practicing how to use a paddle, get on the canoe floating in the sea.

Here we go!

First, maybe you can’t control your kayak, but it is not a problem. Take it easy!
You will gradually get the hang of kayaking.

It will be kayaking for a long time. Relax and go ahead while observing nature.

Let’s hike to the Nara falls.

In Iriomote jungle, there are many interesting trees and creatures. You might finde poisonous snakes. But don’t worry, they are very quiet.
Our guide will explain them to you during the hike.

When we arrive at the Shirahama port, we will clean up and return to the base.

After taking a shower and change clothes, we will give you a ride to Uehara port or your accommodation.

It’s almost time finish the trip. Let’s say goodbye to the Nara falls.
We are a little sad, but we will feel so happy and relaxed.

Maybe you will feel that tonight’s dinner is more delicious than usual.

We finally arrive at the Nara falls.

Nara falls has a beautiful appearance and very wide waterfall basin, so there are so many things to enjoy there.
Jumping, swimming, waterfall shower, take a picture, etc. You can get a really valuable experience.

While you are having a break, your guide will cook delicious lunch. It is Okinawan style noodle.