Hi! We are Kazaguruma!

 Nice to meet you! We are Kazaguruma.

Iriomotejima is the subtropical island where 90% are full of nature of the virgin forest. We suggest the tour that the person who was able to come for the first time can enjoy most.

 Promote a Safe and Trusted tours

Our shop has been certified by the Okinawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission

We promise you that you and your children can enjoy a tour safely. Therefore we always check our tools, that are paddles, kayaks, life-savers, shoes and baggage.
Your safety is a priority, so your guide is extremely watchful of changing weather during the tour.
If we go to mountain recesses where you cannot use phone, he will have a GPS phone.
We think our work is not only to entertain our guests, but the most important thing is that our guest can go home with good memories.

Okinawa Marine Leisure Safety Bureau
Member of the “Okinawa Marine Leisure Safety Bureau”

 Our staff

Our staff are there to help our guests enjoy their tours on Iriomote Island, so we have not only been studying about guiding and service, but also about the culture, history and wildlife of Iriomote Island.
We can speak English a little, and we have great hospitality. Please come on our tour, and we can enjoy Iriomote Island together.

Dai Asano
Dai Asano

 I was born in Gifu prefecture.

高校からカヌー競技を始め、青春時代はカヌー漬けの日々。その甲斐あってインターハイや国体の出場経験もあります。 当時はタイムを縮め、いかに早くゴールするかを考えトレニーングに明け暮れていましたが、現在は西表島が誇る大自然の素晴らしさをのんびり伝えるカヌースタイルにチェンジ。


2017年1月 ニュージーランド研修(wilsons社、Abel Tasman Canyons社)
2017年6月 Abel Tasman Canyons社 Lee氏によるキャニオニング研修

Takafumi Hoshi

 I was born in Tochigi prefecture.



2017年6月 Abel Tasman Canyons社 Lee氏によるキャニオニング研修

Takafumi Hoshi
Hirotaka Uno
Hirotaka Uno

 I was born in Kyoto prefecture.




Satomi Hashimoto

 I was born in Saitama prefecture.




Satomi Hashimoto
Ayaka Terada
Ayaka Terada

 I was born in Shiga prefecture.




Shuivhi Otani

 CEO    I was born in Hiroshima prefecture.

My mission is that you can enjoy Japan. Therefore I study English every day. My joke or personality is not stereotypical Japanese, but is maybe unique and friendly for all people.
I look forward to seeing you on Iriomote Island.

Click here  I was featured in a newspaper (Japanese version only)

Shuichi Otani

 We are your best partner.

Welcome to Iriomote island.

Long ago, I only had two kayaks and I did not have a car too. Therefore we had to go to the start point by bike. Our tours were usually hard.
But now, I have some cars, an office, five shower rooms, and a lot of kayaks. We can receive many guests every day.
These things are “Thanks to our guests” Kazaguruma tours is not only a shop for Japanese. People of all nationalities are welcome.
Our staffs are not so good at English, but we have great hospitality. Your enjoyment is our pleasure and mission.

The company name LLC. Kazaguruma
CEO Shuichi Otani
Address 521 Uehara, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa 907-1541, Japan
TEL 090-8915-0931
FAX 0980-85-6477
Business contents 1. kayaking guide
2. trekking guide
Telephone support 10am – 6pm
Regular holiday Operating 365 days a year
Promote a Safe and Trusted tours Our shop has been certified by Okinawa Prefecture Public Safety Commission.