To Customers

Thank you for your reservation.
Please read this page before the day of the tour. There is important information about your tour.
We recommend you  print out this page  Please read
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Traffic guide
Free shuttle service from Uehara port or Hotels

 Payment and cancellation policy

 How to pay

Please pay tour fee by credit card when making a reservation.
Available credit card

 Cancellation policy

If you want to cancel your tour suddenly for any reason, you will need to pay a cancellation fee.
  From 10 days to 7 days before : 10 %
  From 6 days to 3 days before : 30 %
  2 days before : 50%
  From the day before the date of the tour : 100%
The cancellation fee will be settled in advance from the tour price paid by credit card.

 Clothing and equipment


Hot season : April to October
A quick dry and quick absorption shirt, short pants and swim leggings would be good.
Long sleeves would be better for sun protection.

Fall and Winter season : November to March
The weather is quite cool during the fall and winter on Iriomote Island, because it is often windy.
So you should wear a wind- breaker. A fleece would be better if the temperature is below 20 degrees.


You can use our free rental shoes. The sizes are from 18cm to 32cm. These are our shoes.



You need to have many water (1-2L) on summer season. On winter season you need to have some water (0.5-1L).
Especially, you had not only better water or tea but also sports drinks. You can buy it at our shop.

 Life jacket

You don’t need to prepare a life jacket. It include in tour cost.


You don’t need to bring a rucksack. It is included in the cost of the tour. But there is one rucksack for two people.

 Sun protection

You need a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a towel. You can buy them at our shop.


You need to protect your camera from water. We cannot be held responsible for any breakages.


There is a strong box at our shop, and it is free to use. We will also take care of any large baggage you have.

 Changing clothes after the tour

You can use the shower room after the tour. It is free.

 The day before the tour

 Confirmation of reservation

We will call you by phone the day before to confirm your reservation. At that time we often use a mobile phone.
Please call us if you haven’t received a phone call by 7pm the day before the tour.

Kazaguruma office  090-8915-0931

 Tour guidelines

We hope you can go on your tour in the best conditions, so don’t drink too much alcohol, and try and get a good night’s sleep the night before. After you finish the tour, you will be able to eat a delicious dinner and drink a lot of beer.

 The day of the tour


You need to change your clothes before starting the tour. If you want to swim in the waterfall basin, you must wear a swimsuit.

 For guests coming from Ishigaki Island

During the busy season, you should go to Ishigaki port earlier, because the parking area is sometimes full.

When you buy a ferry ticket, please make sure that you confirm your destination. There are two ports on Iriomote island.
They are Uehara and Ohara. The names are very similar, but they are 40km apart.

There are three ferry companies on Ishigaki port. You can buy a ticket at  Anei Kanko.
If you can’t understand how to use the ferry, Please contact Kazaguruma tour or Anei Kanko.

Kazaguruma office  090-8915-0931
Anei Kanko  0980-83-0055

 For guests staying on Iriomote Island

We will call you by phone call on the morning of the tour if there is any change to the pick-up time.

Traffic guide
Free shuttle service from Uehara port or Hotels