Iriomote Island, Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour

Iriomote Island, Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour

Recommended places. They are Mangrove kayaking and Yubu Island.

Iriomote Island, Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour
Perfect for Beginners and Kids, too!We will give you a short instruction course beforehand, so you can enjoy this tour. Take it easy!
You can visit Yubu Island too.Yubu Island is famous for its water buffalo cart. If you ride on it, you can go from Iriomote Island to Yubu Island. There is a subtropical botanical garden on Yubu Island.

Recommended tour!
You can go to both Mangrove kayaking and Yubu Island in one day.
  • kayaking
  • trekking
  • Beginner OK
  • Waterfall fun
  • Mangrove
  • From 7 years old
  • Day trip from Ishigaki Is is OK
Fee (age group) : 10,000 yen (age 16-60) / 9,000 yen (age 7-15)
Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour, Water buffalo cart
Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour, Water fall basin

You will be able to spend quality time with this tour.

You can kayak slowly whilst looking at mangrove trees or taking photos. Kayaking takes about 40 minutes on the way. Then you will trek for 20 minutes. You can see many kinds of subtropical trees. In summer (from May to October), you can enjoy swimming in the waterfall basin.

You will go to Yubu Island after you finish kayaking and trekking at Secret falls. You can ride on a water buffalo cart on Yubu Island. When you ride on it, you can listen to some traditional Iriomote Island music. The driver will play a Sanshin, which is like a guitar. On Yubu Island, you can see many subtropical trees or flowers, and a lot of butterflies flit around the flowers.

 Photos of this tour
 Yubujima – A paradise for subtropical plants

Iriomote Island, Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour, Water fall bsin Iriomote Island, Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour, Mangrove kayaking Iriomote Island, Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour, Yubu island

Mangrove kayaking & Yubu Island tour INFORMATION

season all year round
duration approximately 7 hours
Fee (age group) 10,000 yen (age 16 – 59) / 9,000 yen (age 7 – 15)
Included in the price Lunch box, Japanese snacks, equipment(shoes, backpack, life vest, kayak), guide fee
Items you need to bring with you

towel, a change of clothes, water (at least 1 liter during the hot season), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, waterproof bag

FAQ  To Customers

Appropriate clothes

Casual clothing is OK. Your clothes will get dirty and wet during the day tour.
To protect from UV, insects and injury, we recommend long sleeves
You can swim in the waterfall basin, so please bring a bathing suit. There is no place to change during the tour, so please wear it under your clothes.
It is cooler during the winter on Iriomote Island, and it is often windy, so a windbreaker is very useful.
We will take care of any large baggage you will not use during the tour.
Free use of security locker.

FAQ  To Customers

  • Start 8:30 am Finish 4:00 pm (7/1 – 9/30) / Start 9:30 am Finish 4:00 pm (10/1 – 6/30)
  • From Ishigaki Is click here. You can come on a daytrip from Ishigaki Island.
  • The tours will go ahead in conditions of light rain, which is frequent, and will only be cancelled in conditions of heavy rain.
  • You can register individually, but tours will only take place when there are more than 2 participants.
  • Kazaguruma tours reserves the right to cancel or change the tour due to bad weather.
  • If you want to go to the top of Pinaisara falls, we recommend Day trip to the Pinaisara Falls tour.
  • You can choose a single or a tandem kayak. Please tell us which is better for you.
  • We call you at the day before of tour. You can check the weather and tour schedule.
  • The age limit for this tour is 7 years old during the busy season, but we are more flexible with smaller groups during the quieter seasons.

About access
Free shuttle service from Uehara port or Hotels

Click here the way to get to Kazaguruma tours.

After you understand the details of this tour, you don’t have worry about anything, you will start the tour.

Don’t worry about kayaking, even if you are a beginner. You can choose a single or a tandem kayak.

Iriomote’s river has very weak currents, next to nothing.
Kayaking is easy and enjoyable.

We start kayaking.

First, maybe you can’t control your kayak, but it is not a problem. Take it easy!

You will gradually get the hang of kayaking. Then you will see Pinaisara falls.

You will start trekking 20 minutes to Secret waterfalls.

On the way, you can see many kinds of wildlife and plants. The road is easy to trek. If your child is at least 7 years old, there should be no problem.

After the break time, we will trek and kayak back to the start point.

Kazaguruma office has shower rooms and rest rooms. After break time, we will go to Yubu Island by our bus.

You can enjoy riding a water buffalo cart and walking on Yubu Island. There are palm trees of countless and you can buy Okinawan souvenirs.

*When you go to Yubu Island, your guide will not accompany you.
*After the end of the Yufu Island sightseeing, please use the bus by yourself and move to the port and accommodation.

You can go to the front of falls.

During the break time, you can swim in the waterfall basin during the summer.

We will eat lunch and a snack there.

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